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Going to Glenmoor - Parts or Luggage?

Road trips are pretty simple in modern cars.  You throw the suitcase in the trunk, put some tunes on the iPod and head out.  If only it were that simple in a classic car.

We're busily planning for our thousand mile round trip journey to Canton, Ohio for this weekend's Glenmoor Gathering.  Even with the most thoroughly prepped car, all British car owners know to be on the lookout for the "Prince of Darkness" and other afflictions that could attack the car's internals.  Thanks to our Facebook fans, blog commenters, and other pals around the office, we placed a big parts order which will we'll be squeezing into our 1960 MGA 1600:

  • 13.5" steering wheel to accommodate our jumbo co-pilot
  • Condenser and points set 
  • Distributor cap and rotor
  • Fan belt
  • Thermostat and gasket
  • Generator
  • Water Pump
  • Ignition coil
  • Various hose clamps
  • Spark plugs
  • Tire tube

Add to this a comprehensive set of tools, a spare tire, and a Mazda Miata jack, and you might wonder where we'll fit our clothes for the weekend.   No worries, we have a plan and we'll share pictures later this week.

What are we forgetting?  Please don't be shy- you may have a critical piece of information that helps us to avoid getting stranded in rural Pennsylvania this weekend.  Use the comment area below to pass along any advice.

Paul Morrissette

About Paul Morrissette

Paul has been working with classic car owners and their insurance agents throughout his 27 year career with Chubb Insurance. A lover of all collector cars, he is particularly fond of British roadsters. The Chubb team jokes that they don't need directions to Paul's house, they just follow the leaks.



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