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Help this 1957 Healey - A 100-6 In Need of Serious Resto

Tired of seeing meticulously restored cars featured on blogs all over the web? Well, have we got a project for you! Our search for an Austin Healey 100 for sale has led us to this rusty, yet rather complete 100-6.  Even in this somewhat sad state, this 100 looks like a decent candidate for a resto. Heck, there's even a box of parts in the passenger seat. Who knows what treasures that could be lurking in there.   Considering that this model in perfect condition currently fetches around $85,000, a little investment may yield a good return on this one if you can do the restoration yourself or at least source the body work to a trusted expert.  Besides, every car deserves a second chance right? Just look at those knock-offs and the iconic hood scoop. For us, that is enough motivation to see beyond the dirt and grime. If you want to see what these excellent British roadsters look like in their prime, check out our post from earlier this week.

Here's the listing from Hemmings Classifieds:  (For the full listing and photos, click here.)

Location: Astoria NY, Gullwing Motorcars

1957 Austin Healey 100-6. Red with black interior. Extremely rare tri-carb model. Excellent car for restoration for only $8,950.

Will this Austin Healey 100-6 end up in your garage? Let us know in the comment area below.  For more info on Austin Healeys other classic cars, check out our mobile apps for your iPhone or iPad.

Jeff Walker

About Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is a Classic Car Insurance Specialist and financial services professional; As the son of a Drag-Racer and auto restorer, he was born with a wrench in his hand and learned the trade at an early age. His specialty is 60’s and 70’s American Muscle but his mechanical ability has afforded him the opportunity to work on all types of cars from Alfa-Romeos to Gullwings and everything in-between. Jeff is also a motorcycle fanatic and maintains his own stable of classic & collectible bikes. He is happiest when a car or motorcycle project is underway in his garage.



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