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Mike and his 1967 Malibu Convertible

We spend a lot of time around the Chubb Collector Car office talking about classic cars, new cars, racing, shows and all other things auto-related.  We have all types of folks working for us, so opinions on the previously mentioned topics can vary greatly. In fact, our employees collect and drive everything from ancient MGs to modern Factory-Five Cobras. Needless to say, our discussions can be rather colorful at times. 

This week, we're letting you in on what will surely be a bit of office bragging rights.  We'd like to introduce to you Mike, and his Malibu.  Mike is a true gearhead who's 1967 Malibu Convertible undoubtedly has the most horsepower here at the Chubb Collector Car nerve center. Mike is the poster child for the typical car guy:  He's helpful to all who seek his wisdom and is always willing to get dirty in the name of classic car coolness. Mike also happens to be the only one on our team who has a lift and welder in the garage - who doesn't love a guy with a lift? Want to see the man in action? Check out the classic car prep videos right here on our blog or our Youtube page. So without any further adieu:


This Chevy was born as a small block Malibu that a previous owner converted over to Super Sport mechanicals.  Just six months after purchasing the car in 2005, Mike spun 3 bearings on the 396, but strangely he was not upset. He was never really happy with the powerplant, and this forced him to search for a more potent engine. 

Mike purchased a new ZZ454 from a GM Performance Parts dealer. The full roller motor dyno tested at 492hp and 516ft lbs of torque. Power is distributed through a Muncie M21 4sp transmission to a 12 bolt posi axle with 3.73 gears. To bring the car to a stop, Mike installed calipers and rotors from a C5 Corvette at all four corners. The wheels are 17” Boyd Coddington with 285s in the rear and 255s up front. The front and rear suspension has all been replaced with modern aftermarket performance components. To liven up the steering, the stock gear box was treated to new internals giving it a 12.5:1 ratio. The car is used frequently and is a blast to drive. Unfortunately it appears to still have a significant traction problem!


Jeff Walker

About Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is a Classic Car Insurance Specialist and financial services professional; As the son of a Drag-Racer and auto restorer, he was born with a wrench in his hand and learned the trade at an early age. His specialty is 60’s and 70’s American Muscle but his mechanical ability has afforded him the opportunity to work on all types of cars from Alfa-Romeos to Gullwings and everything in-between. Jeff is also a motorcycle fanatic and maintains his own stable of classic & collectible bikes. He is happiest when a car or motorcycle project is underway in his garage.



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