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1972 BMW 2002 Tii - The Cult Car

Looking for an entry ticket into the BMW 2002 club?  We've found just the ticket you're looking for on eBay Motors.  If you're familiar with this particular BMW, you know that the Tii is the most sought-after version of the 2002.  When first produced, the Tii was fitted with a SOHC 4 cylinder engine fed by Kugelfisher mechanical fuel injection. It put out about 130 hp and had a top speed of around 118mph. Nowadays it's hard to find a 2002 that hasn't had some modifications done, but this one looks to have escaped major changes:


He's a bit of what the seller offers in the eBay listing:


  • This Tii was a European delivery car, which, on February 26, 1973, was shipped from Bremerhaven to Los Angeles. I have all the original paperwork in mint condition, including the German Fahrzeugschein and Versicherungspapiere, the bill of lading, correspondence between the BMW factory, Hoffman Motors (the importer), Adolf Brauns (the shipping company) and the owner.
  • According to those documents, the car was painted Inka Orange with the following factory options: power brakes, reclining seats, sunroof, tinted glass, heated rear window, limited slip diff., Michelin XAS tires, torsion bar stabilizers, tachometer, chrome exhaust pipe tip, bumper guards.
  • Among much other documentation, I also have the original owner's manuals including manuals for the Schiebedach, seat belts, etc., all in mint condition

Chances are there's a 2002 group near you, so you'll have no problem finding people to share your interest with.  These cars continue to gain in popularity so if a 2002 makes you smile, consider getting onboard while they are still affordable. Parts and support are still readily available for these classic BMWs which makes this 2002 a good entry-level collector car.  Is a car like this on your bucket list?  If so, let us know in the comment area below.


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