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BMW 2002 (Yes, that's the model - not the year)

Initially launched in 1968, the 2002 was BMW's crucial entry level car. The 2002 was also the predecessor to the 3 Series sedans we all know and love. With its compact body style and the fiery 130 horsepower fuel-injected tii version, this was the car that made BMW's reputation in America. An automatic transmission was a relatively common option, but they're now less popular, as they're less fun to drive than the manual-equipped versions.


We saw a pristine model just a few weeks ago at the Survivor judging day at Bloomington Gold, which served as a perfect reminder about the fun these cars bring to the road.  

All 2002 models suffer from lots of oversteer, but they're wonderful driving cars with a timeless look. The 2002 is well built but rust-prone. The most desirable models include the tii and the 1973-1975 turbo versions. Expect to pay from $4,400 for a basic later model to $18,000 for the tii or 170 horsepower turbo versions.Overall, the car earns four out of five stars for reliability and three out of five stars for maintenance costs, parts/support, and market appeal. Interest in the 2002 has grown and it has firmly earned itself a cult following with hard-core BMW fans.

(Description courtesy of Sports Car Market magazine)

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