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Hard to Find: 1959 BMW 502 "Barockengel"

Want to find a needle in a haystack? If so, start looking for a classic BMW 501 for sale anywhere in the world.  It appears that even the modern-day Mecca of car sales, eBay Motors, has only passed nine of these Bavarian beauties through their website with the last one selling last year around this time. Come to think of it, we're not sure if we've ever seen a 501 in person - and we go to plenty of shows throughout the year.  Needless to say, we weren't able to find a bonified 501 for sale this week. We did, however, find the 501's younger sibling - the 502. Still considered a "Baroque Angel" or "Barockengel"  the 502 shared many of the same features as the 501 and boasted upgrades such as a V-8 powerplant and refined luxury appointments.  So without any further adieu, here's a 502 in Belgium: 

The seller claims this is a one owner car and eludes to the fact that only about 10 of these exist. He's more history from the advertisement:

The 8-cylinder BMW 502 in 1954 was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show and was a luxury variant in addition to the 6-cylinder and the later 8-cylinder 501.. In small print run are of the model 501 and 502 both cabriolet coupe built by Baur as versions, most (272) and Autenrieth (60). Baur modeled 210 2-door 4-door convertibles and convertibles, 50, of which there is only one this Coupe's 12. The engine is 2,6 litre V8.

Though the listing doesn't offer many details, the photos do a sufficient job telling the car's story.  Overall, this 502 appears to be in very good condition and based on the interior photos, the car may be a survivor.  So if you're in Belgium, please stop by and take a look at this car for us! We want details and the asking price.

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