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California Mille

Inspired by Europe's historic Mille Miglia rally, this year's edition of the California Mille gets underway tomorrow. We're proud to be a sponsor of the journey, which will take dozens of fine cars throughout the gorgeous hills of Northern California this week. Our role is to help cars in need, whether or not they are insured by Chubb. Our modern minivan is decked out with supplies for roadside repairs and thirsty drivers. The participating cars were on display in San Francisco today, and our photo gallery will give you a sense of the kind of talent we'll be following all week. We'll be updating the gallery all week as the cars make there way through the course.

Paul Morrissette

About Paul Morrissette

Paul has been working with classic car owners and their insurance agents throughout his 27 year career with Chubb Insurance. A lover of all collector cars, he is particularly fond of British roadsters. The Chubb team jokes that they don't need directions to Paul's house, they just follow the leaks.



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