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The Bentley T-Series, A Motorcar of Change

New for 1965, Bentley introduced the T1 as a successor to the S3.  The T-Series was in production from 1965 through 1980, which is a long run that is testament to its popularity as a luxury motorcar. The T1 was the first ever unibody Bentley, which sported four-wheel disc brakes and independent suspension all round. The car was also fitted with automatic self-leveling courtesy of Citroen

Bentley classic car t2 luxury collector car

1977 Bentley T2 


Bentley and Rolls-Royce remained very close siblings during this time. The T1 shared many of the characteristics of the Silver Shadow, though the Rolls was more rare and still commands a slight premium.  The T Series Bentley could be had as either a four-door saloon or in a long wheelbase four-door version. Several coachbuilders got their hands on the T-Series, offering  two door sedans and convertibles in small numbers.  You can find examples crafted by James Young and Mulliner Park Ward, which are more valuable than the stock-bodied cars. The most rare T-Series Bentley is the long wheel base T2, of which only 10 were made. Other notable editions are the James Young two-door (98 built) and 1967 through 1971 Park Ward drophead with power top (41 built). Overall, post-1970 cars with the 6,750cc engines are most desirable among Bentley collectors. Air conditioning was astandard feature beginning in 1969, and cruise control was added in 1973.  The T1 received a significant facelift in 1977, resulting in the creation of the T2 model.

Prices for T-Series Bentleys are all over the map depending on condition,  provenance, and coachbuilder. If shopping for one of these beauties, beware of cheap "beaters". Many of these cars were used for everyday transportation and are just simply worn-out. However, If money is no object and restoration is your thing, best of luck - send us photos. Overall the car gets four out of five stars for reliability. The car earns three out of five stars for maintenance costs, parts/support and market appeal.

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(Historical and collectiblity information courtesy of Sports Car Market magazine.)

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