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1960's Cadillac Fleetwood - An American Standard

This week we look at the Fleetwood series offered through the sixties: At a time when the age of the American Muscle car was just dawning, Cadillac was in full stride with its big luxury car offerings. In fact, Cadillac had become the standard by which American luxury cars were measured.  New for 1960, Cadillac offered a smoother, more subtle styling with the elimination of the pointed bumper guards and lowered tailfins. The Series 69 Fleetwood was identified by script and metal louvers on the rear fenders. A full length bright metal sill underscore was also present.

1967 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo

The Series 6700 Fleetwood Seventy-Five was on a 149.75 inch wheelbase and offered auxiliary jump seats. They were finished in Bradford or Bedford cloth with wool and the chauffer’s compartment was finished in leather. In 1961 they were restyled and re-engineered. They received a mild face-lift in 1962 as well as a mild redesign in 1964. In 1965 the Fleetwood 60 Special became a sub-series 680, the Eldorado a sub-series 684 and the Fleetwood 75 sub-series 697. Also in 1965 the Eldorado joined the Fleetwood lineup and in 1966 a Fleetwood 4- door Brougham was added. The Cadillac Fleetwood series was extremely popular throughout the 1960’s and little was done to alter this success with only subtle changes in the cars appearance.

Overall, the 1960's Fleetwoods get four out of five stars for reliability and parts/support. The car earns three our of five for maintenance costs and two out of five stars for market appeal.  That being said - you can find nice examples of these cars for as low as $10,000. Obviously, cars with history or unique provenance will fetch more but it is safe to say these big cars offer much enjoyment no matter what the price.

(Car summary courtesy of Sports Car Market magazine)

Jeff Walker

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