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Herbie Goes to Scottsdale - Update: SOLD!

You've seen this leading man in the 1977 classic "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo", and now he could be turning heads in your neighborhood.  One of the highlights of the Gooding & Company auction will be the sale of this cute bug.

Sold several years ago by Disney to the Harrah's Club Automobile Collection, the car has been passed on to a couple of other owners leading up to this weekend's sale.   The car is in original condition and in his "Monte Carlo" kit.  Herbie is being sold without reserve and is estimated to sell for $75,000-$120,000.  What do you think about this piece of Hollywood history?

Herbie The Love Bug Disney Car



This 1963 Volkswagen Beetle Sunroof Sedan sold for $66,000.

Paul Morrissette

About Paul Morrissette

Paul has been working with classic car owners and their insurance agents throughout his 25 year career with Chubb Insurance. A lover of all collector cars, he is particularly fond of British roadsters. The Chubb team jokes that they don't need directions to Paul's house, they just follow the leaks.


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