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Raven Black - 1969 Mustang Boss 429

If you're a regular classic car shopper, you can scour the internet for months and see the same hum-drum cars listed.  Fear not, your days of car boredom are over!   What we've found for you today is not just the "same old".  Feast your eyes upon this truly amazing 1969 Mustang Boss 429 wrapped in Raven Black:


We could of spent all day typing about the awesomeness this car oozes, but we'll spare you the read - the picture speaks for itself.   Below is a partial look at the performance-laden write up from the car's owner. For the full listing on eBay, click here.

In 1969, Ford introduced a limited production model to the Mustang line. The Boss 429 was the most expensive and most powerful Mustang ever produced to that time. The name referred to its 429 cubic-inch v8 engine, and the Boss 'Nine' was Ford's answer to the Chrysler 426 cubic-inch 'Hemi' V8, which dominated NASCAR racing by the late Sixties. In order to meet NASCAR homologation requirements, Ford had to offer the Boss 429 engine as a 'regular' production option. Ford decided to offer the engine in the Mustang, even though the Torino body style was used in NASCAR. Due to the sheer size of the engine, extensive modification was made to the entire front end of the car, which was too narrow for the motor. Consequently, Ford contracted with Kar Kraft, to develop and build the Boss 429 Mustang.

If you've had the need for classic speed (and torque) this car will surely satisfy. If you can cough up the cash (we wish we could), let us know - we want to see a photo of it in your garage, then go for a ride!

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