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Porsche - From Doodle Pad to the Garage

Chubb Collector Car's very own Eugene Lim is an avid Sports Car racer who's resume includes BMWCCA Driving Instructor and National Auto Sport Association Instructor. Eugene's favorite marque has always been Porsche. So to continue our celebration of the brand this month, we've asked him to provide a little bit about his exciting driving history which we think you'll enjoy: 

From Doodle Pad to the Garage. By Eugene Lim

As I write this, we’re about 1 month from Rennsport Reunion IV at Laguna Seca.  The Rennsport Reunion is a rare gathering of significant Porsche race cars for international collectors and racers, and I am putting this event on my bucket list.

All this excitement is because Porsche’s endurance racing history is second to none – from the early aluminum 356 Coupes of the mid 20th century to the RS Spyder Prototypes raced in the American LeMans Series starting in 2005.  Just last month Porsche announced a full factory effort for LeMans in 2014 in the LMP1 class and for the World Endurance Championship.  The last time they had a factory effort in the highest class was back in '98 (their 50th anniversary) which they won.  I’m looking forward to this as they’ve been long overdue.

I’ve always been a “car guy” ever since I was kid, and my parents kept some of my drawings.  I recently came across a Porsche crest I drew in my favorite tablet – I was probably about 8 years old.  It made me realize why I went back to Porsche after being away for 7 years with a NA2 Acura NSX.

The first Porsche I owned was an ’87 944 Turbo, then a ‘88 RUF 911 Turbo which I had my first track event (driver’s education) experience.  I then got away from Porsches to the NSX, got more serious about track days during that time, sold the NSX and I found myself a ’02 911 GT2 with an Evolution Motorsports GT750 package.  A widowmaker with another 300 hp, but even if I became a statistic, there would’ve been no widow.  

While owning the GT2, I was approved to be a NASA (National Auto Sport Association) instructor and then a BMWCCA Driving Instructor.  However, this love affair lasted less than 3 years as I got nervous about the maintenance so I sold the GT2 and acquired a 2007 Cayman S with a TechArt GT Sport package.  After upgrading the car with a rollbar, Recaro racing seats, 6 point harnesses, LSD, baffled oil pan, rear brake cooling ducts, and Fabspeed headers, I find this car to be even a more potent track weapon than the GT2.  (It was also during ownership of this vehicle that I became an approved PCA National Driver Education Instructor).  The next thing would be a reflash and when the suspension components get tired, a more track oriented suspension.

Talking to some fellow club members who’ve had them all from GT3s, GT2s, Cup Cars, and then a Cayman Interseries car, the consensus is that we’re all very happy with our Caymans as a track weapon.  However, given the 911’s iconic history, the Cayman from the factory will still be equipped with a “lesser” motor than a 911.  That’s OK – as I’ve said to myself should I ever need a motor replacement, I’ll look for a 997.2 GT3 3.8 motor. 

Jeff Walker

About Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is a Classic Car Insurance Specialist and financial services professional; As the son of a Drag-Racer and auto restorer, he was born with a wrench in his hand and learned the trade at an early age. His specialty is 60’s and 70’s American Muscle but his mechanical ability has afforded him the opportunity to work on all types of cars from Alfa-Romeos to Gullwings and everything in-between. Jeff is also a motorcycle fanatic and maintains his own stable of classic & collectible bikes. He is happiest when a car or motorcycle project is underway in his garage.



I had no idea Eugene was this

I had no idea Eugene was this involved in the sport. Thanks for the inside info.

Note, Eugene is the driver in

Note, Eugene is the driver in the photo (the silver car, not the one with the Gulf livery) at Watkins Glen last month.

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