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The 356A Could Be Yours

Adding a quality 356-series to your collection requires a significant investment, but just how much will you have to borrow from Junior’s college fund?

Here are some recent sales of the 356A as noted by the Sports Car Market / Chubb Collector Car pricing guide mobile app:

Auction Date         Auction Company          Porsche 356A Year              VIN               Condition*            Sale Price

April 30, 2011        Worldwide                                   1957                         83898                  2+                     $162,250

July 1, 2011           Bonham’s                                    1959                          86005                  1-                      $146,801

Jan. 20,2011         RM                                               1959                          85663                n/a                      $101,750

Aug. 13, 2010       RM                                               1957                          83154                  2                       $132,000

(Source: Sports Car Market / Chubb Collector Car mobile app; Click on date for the specific listing)

Using these auction prices as a guide, we wondered whether or not you could find a quality 356A from a private seller.  In excellent condition, these cars are fetching healthy six-figure prices.

One current listing intrigued us.  A dealer in California has a 1959 356A Convertible D model that is very similar to the January, 2011 car sold by RM.  The RM car sold over the estimate, but is still among the lowest auction sales in the past year for a 356A.


The model for sale in California, chassis number 85614, appears to be in fine condition, with a striking red interior.  The listing price is $119,500, which fits in nicely among the past year’s major sales.  Caveat emptor is always the rule, and we never advise buying something you haven't inspected.  Remember, the cost of a plane ticket to Orange County would pale in comparison to the price tag for major repairs to a 356A.  Also, as we pointed out earlier this week, you need to look very closely for rust on any classic Porsche.


While the focus here is on a show-level 356, you'll find many other driveable examples at more affordable prices on the market today.  It’s also a safe bet that the upcoming Arizona auctions in January will have concours-quality versions as well.  Every Gooding & Company auction we've attended has featured plenty of eye candy for the Porsche buff.


Let us know what you think about the market for the 356 in the comment area below, and if you already own one, why not enter our virtual car show and share it with car enthusiasts around the world?

For recent sales prices and to look for a 356 for sale in your area, check out our mobile apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry device.

- Paul Morrissette

Paul Morrissette

About Paul Morrissette

Paul has been working with classic car owners and their insurance agents throughout his 25 year career with Chubb Insurance. A lover of all collector cars, he is particularly fond of British roadsters. The Chubb team jokes that they don't need directions to Paul's house, they just follow the leaks.



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